Women Bass Fishing what decisions do they’ve got now

Women Bass Fishing what decisions do they've got now

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Women Bass Fishing what choices do they have now

In women bass fishing news ESPN announced that Bass canceled the the Women's Bass Masters Pro
Tour for 2010.

There was just not enough outside interest in the sport for them to make any money and with at the moment's economy every sport is affected .

Bass'N Gals was an alternative Pro tournament trail for women bass fishing,it had grown to over 33,000 when it was canceled in 1998.

It was Helen Sevier who broke the barrier for women in bass fishing and after that came others like Bojai Reed, the first woman to fish a Bass
Master Invitational Tournament.

Freeda Lee and Linda England, the first women to tour on the Bass Master Tournament Trail.
Chris Houston was an alternative one the great bass fishing women who was a seven-time Angler of the Year on the ladies tour Bass'N Gals.

Last year we had Kim Bain-Moore who was the first woman to fish the Bass
Masters Classic.

Women have come a long way in the sport of fishing you still have pro tours for woman one of them is the Women's Bass Division, a division of the International Federation of "Black Bass"
The Women's Bass Fishing Association similar to in the men's side, they are smaller and not as well known, sort of like the minors in baseball you still get paid but not as much. I have found very few women bass fishing clubs, one of them is Gateway Bass 'n Gals Club.

I am sure there are more then what I have found.
So if you know of any be sure to tell them approximately our sight and the big bass contest.

I have fished tournament trails with my husband but none of his club tournaments He has asked could I fish as a guess with him if he didn't draw a non-boater or could I become a member of their club as a non boater.
Most Clubs will not allow woman to fish with them giving a whole lot of excuses like;
It the guys day away from their wives and kids, the wives wouldn't like it, Women cause to many problems.

Most clubs put it in the bi-laws all new members want to be voted on that way they can keep anyone out they deem unsuitable for their club.

It truly shouldn't matter
a fish does not know who is holding the rod that catches him.
So women bass clubs are approximately the only way for a girl to fish in a club.

Most of the trails we fished I was the only woman fishing with them and my husband was the only Black man when we would are available in to money or got big fish at the championship.

If looks could kill, I will be six ft under fertilizing flowers. They didn't won't us there, and they didn't wish us taking their money if you know what I mean.

I have noticed more and more couples trails like ABA Couples Series
So when a girl wins the Bass Masters Classic all those men in theses clubs are going to be
efficient with envy and its going to happen one day, maybe this year with
Pam the 2nd woman to qualify for the Classic.

I will be sharing some of our stories. I would like to here some of yours, too.
I know am not the only one who has run in to these problems of women in bass clubs.
You can also up load a picture of that big fish you caught.

If you've some Information on other women's events come become a member of us in our fishing neighborhood.

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