Top 10 Inspirational Football Quotes Football is a Metaphor for Life

Top 10 Inspirational Football Quotes  Football is a Metaphor for LifeTop 10 Inspirational Football Quotes  Football is a Metaphor for Life

It does not matter whether you are a fan of the sport or not, there are great lessons in the game of life that may be learned from this sport. Below are some of the top inspirational prices about football, spoken from some of the greatest coaches and players in football.
Lets study about the game of life from the sport of football!

1. Football is like life — it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and appreciate for authority. ~ Vince Lombardi

By replacing the words Football is like life with To have a essentially fantastic life you have winning formula for a essentially fantastic life.

REVISED QUOTE FOR THE REST OF US (i.e. Non-football players):

To have a essentially fantastic life — it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and appreciate for authority.

2. The only place you can win a football game is on the container, the only place you can lose it is in your hearts. ~ Darrell Royal

In the game of life, we fail most often when we lose heart and no longer believe we can achieve our hearts desire. That is why it is important that we keep our mind filled with positive optimistic reminiscences and read stories of triumph over tragedy, so we never forget the strength and power of the human spirit.

3. The strength of the staff is every single individual member…the strength of every single member is the staff. ~ Coach Phil Jackson, Chicago Bulls

In life no individual is an island, we all depend on every single other. It is in community that we gain strength or are encouraged when we are experiencing trials. It is a privilege to encourage the people in our lives. We never know when we will depend on the kind word or support of an alternate. So plant numerous words of encouragement and reap the bountiful harvest of benevolence you sow.

4. If whatsoever goes bad, I did it. If whatsoever goes semi-fantastic, we did it. If whatsoever goes essentially fantastic, then you did it. That's all it takes to get people to win football games for you. ~ Paul Bear Bryant

I just love the above quote! What a essentially fantastic formula for earning the admiration of anyone whom you have authority over, whether this can be a subordinate in the workplace or a kid. Think of how much more cooperation you would receive in your life if you observed this mindset!

5. Its not whether you get knocked down, it truly is whether you get back up. ~ Vince Lombardi

Everyone will have setbacks in life, it is the individuals that fierce determination so as to get up one more time than they are pushed down that end up living a successful life.

Develop that bulldog on a bone mentality that says if something shakes you off your desired path, that there will only be an instant before you are racing back to the pursuit of your prize with more fervor than when you experienced that minor detour in the pursuit of your goal.

6. Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period. ~ Lou Holtz

Most of have an aversion to self-discipline, yet it is the secret to success.

The more you can exercise self-discipline whether it is in your diet, exercise, or studies in school, etc., the less the universe will have to discipline you to get you to take the higher path. Who would you rather be disciplined by: The Universe or Yourself?

7. Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself. ~ Paul "Bear" Bryant

Having a decorum that connotes class is not Lording your successes over less fortunate. It is being self-assured in your worth, and compassionate to others. The more you exhibit this character, the more you can focus on competing against yourself.

You are your own competition, not the rest of the world. If you focus on getting better your personal most competitive rather than comparing yourself to others, you will be happier and more doubtless to achieve your aims, because you will have a more singular focus.

eight. The difference between a successful individual
and others is not a lack of strength,
not a lack of knowledge,
however rather in a lack of will. ~ Vince Lombardi

Once again Vince Lombardi nails it with fantastic advice that you could use on the football container and in the game of life. An iron will, perseverance, and determination are the key to success.

Many a talented, however wishy washy people lack the commitment to their aims and never come close to their potential because they give up when the going gets tricky. Yet many individuals who on the surface seem to be at a disadvantage leave their more evidently gifted counter components in the dust because of their iron will and singular focus.

9. Success is not forever and failure isn't fatal. ~ Don Shula

Just as the sun rises and we experience sunshine and the sunsets and we experience darkness, so it is our lives. There are natural rhythms in life, just like the tide coming in and the tide going out. It is simple to see in nature the necessity of the ebb and flow of life, is a necessity for life as we understand it. We do not panic when the tide goes out because we know that in a matter of time the tide will come back in, so it is in life.

Many a successful individual has stated that they learned more from their trials than their successes. In fact they credit their successes to the dear lessons their learned in their failures. So why not relax and embrace the rhythm of life and demand that the temporary periods of failure in your life teach you what you wish to do differently to be back on the up-swing of life.

10. Football is a decent game.
Its true to life. Its a game about sharing.
Football is a staff game. So is life. ~ Joe Namath

We return to the theme of teamwork again. We need every single other and may embrace our variations because we all need and depend on every single persons unique talent and perspective they bring to the world. Lets celebrate and honor our uniqueness and share our talents with the world. Be true to yourself. Discover your talents. Because the rest of us, need what you have to offer the world.

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