The Best Coaching Philosophy

The Best Coaching Philosophy

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The Best Coaching Philosophy

Once upon a time, there was a kindly man, wanting to buy a chainsaw for his farm, he spent months thinking about it, he knew he wants the chainsaw for his farm, but then the farm did not need a chainsaw even though, when he finally made a choice, he bought it. For weeks and months, this kindly man walks miles away wandering into the forest, with the chainsaw in his hand.

The kindly man knew that he wanted something, but could not define what it is, and why he wanted something. This kindly man, wanders around the forest for ages, not knowing why he is there, or which tree he shall cut.

During sleep, the kindly man saw an imposing, and illuminating shimmering lights descending from above. "indecision, huh? says the lights, with deep and soft awe inspiring voice.

The kindly man looked up, and asked the Shimmering light to lend a hand him make a choice, "please lend a hand, please lend a hand," says the kindly man. The light formed into trillion upon trillion of glittering sphere of coloured lights, opening like a sun flower turning toward the sun, but this time, turning toward the kindly man, shining upon his kindly face, and says, you have already made a choice, but you are doubting yourself, and your past residual self is holding you back.

Let go from the past, forgive all those who hurt you, and forgive yourself, when you do that, the universe will conspire to clarify your vision. However, when you answer the 'why' questions, about your desire to find purpose and meaning in your life, your dreams become a self prophecy.

The kindly man woke up decided to find the 'why', over sudden, he realises that the colossal cottage house he lived in needs complete revamp, and making it into a holiday cottage home. His deceased wife always wanted to run the colossal cottage house into a business, but her husband, the kindly man, never knew how.

Most of us, at one time or another get lost in our vision of the future, and all of us need a mentor, coach to mirror back to us the areas, the beliefs, and the perception that allude and lead us into the road most travelled, the dark side of the tunnel. One of the most inspiring moments in our lives is recognising the will for mentoring, and taking action toward it.

What is coaching/mentoring?
Coaching is a process, which identifies barriers to success, health, and happiness, and encourages Moral self-autonomy. Coaching is geared morally and ethically toward helping you achieve results, results that you can experience, see, feel, and measure.

Coaching has moved beyond the traditional therapies which dwells in the past, coaching is about the here and now, and how to plan for the future. Socrates says "the unexamined life is not worth living" this may be interpreted as I call it ' the unexamined belief has severe consequence' thus it is the unplanned life which is not worth living.

"if Your Life is Worth Living, it is Worth Planning"

How does coaching/mentoring work?
Without your willingness and determination to seek renewal, a coach will not take you on, simply because a number of individuals are not yet ready for change, growth and success. Once you convince your mentor coach that you are ready, the process of creativity, resourcefulness and private power begin to unleash from within you. The coaching work process aims to ask an intuitive question about set backs or crisis, and find empowering solutions, to be put into action, to lend a hand you regain private power by taking action, and it is through specific kind of intelligent actions that leads to profitable and intelligent results.

How regularly should I be mentored and how long will I need coaching/mentoring for?
You hold the power, you are making that decision, and you go with the flow of the type of results you feel you are achieving. Some leaders require a trainer or a coach for as long as they hold achieving results. Think of a football coach, think of athlete coach, think of schoolteacher, or a counsellor. Each individual may require specific time scale, a number of choose to have a permanent coach, e.g: investors, leaders, celebrities, sport males and females, others need short term coaching, maybe once a week of a 12 weeks length, or once a month session. The great point about having technology now, is that you can choose to remain anonymous, and be coached in the comfort of your own home, using emails, phone calls, or if you decide that face to face coaching is something you prefer. Your coach is always available via different medium of communication.

What kind of people who use coaching/mentoring?
In my experience, I have had clients of different status, and cultural and educational background. The most success driven individuals are people like celebrities, civil servants, Lords, MPs, teachers, investors, entrepreneurs, career movers, sports men/women, males and females preparing for their retirement (adjustment) to manual and workplace workers.

What do these people get out of training/mentoring after while?

You feel in great shape and stand tall in front of people who underestimated you, and can stand up to adversity.
You gain knowledge, concrete, precise and become virtually invincible to demanding situations.
You increase your winning potentials, with your strategy toward victory.
You meet demanding situations with amusing, self-assurance, and knowledge.
You present yourself impressively, have plenty of charm, seduction and your finances begin to double
You have a strong posture
You are very linkable, have a superior soul and you become extremely pleased with how your life is going.
You have many talents and take advantage of all of them.
You are diligent, richer, and noble in your deeds
You have immense energy required to succeed.
You are a solution finder, and end result driven.
You are profitable in all areas, haven't any fear but solely aspirations you observe through, and you will make others succeed
You contribute to society with complete commitment and have invincible explosiveness and power.

Kindly man: What is ' true' success' really?

Andre: True success become transparent when you begin to feel that you want to make all people rich, healthy, and happier. by doing so, you increase your happiness, health and wealth. This is the true success.

What is a 'true Leader

Andre: A chief is a number of one who points you to the right direction, serves others with pure intention, and lend a hand you become profitable.

The kindly man: Interesting, I met few so called Leaders, they ignore you if you don't rise to their statuse. I find out that elitists are also very unkind to non native speakers. WINNERS recognition on finding remedies, LOSERS recognition on faults.

Andre: because a person isn't really that profitable, never a chief, until he feels the passion to want to serve his/her community, to empower and enrich society.

The Kindly man: so in other word, You are NEVER a Leader Until You Learn How to Bring Out The Leader In Others!

Andre: definitely

Kindly man: tell me Andre, you went through extremely hard times in your life, right? you arrived in the UK as an adult illiterate, you were homeless, and lived with cancer and multiple highbrow health problems. is that true?

Andre: yes, it is true. Anyone can watch my videos on youtube, and I have also kept all my medical drug that I refuse to take to expose the world that you can heal yourself from all ills and become your full power potential.

Kindly man: That's incredible, and I assume you had helped so many people, and that's your solely passion, is to lend a hand people become, I use your words, their full power potential. Now, do you have an testimonial you could share with your readers Andre?

Andre: if you log in to facebook, ecademy, you will see for yourself, but for convenience sake, I have got few testimonials below.

This is NUTS!! I began using the Incantation, Andre calls it Script programming, I listened to Mp3 for15 minutes a day and 15 minutes in bed before sleep. On Friday of that 3rd week, I felt a sudden 'change' and obliterated my fear of public communicating, or communicating to ANYONE!! Anonymous jstomer

I found solutions to many of my problems, Andre call them 'demanding situations' I learnt to resolve 'demanding situations' while having great amusing, giggling a lot and regularly. Mike, retired diplomat, Hampshire

A month later, I had became an insanely FUN person IN ALL AREAS OF MY LIFE… ALL! I no longer offend or do drugs.Anonymous

I overcome my timidity, fears, inferiority complex, etc. This has helped me enormously both personally AND professionally! I'm A Believer Now!!" James from London

I sought his professional lend a hand after a heart problem that I had experienced when I was advised by my G.P to seek counselling and stress therapy in order to lend a hand me cope greater effectively with the execution of my role as a House Master at a private college. I engaged Andre to lend a hand me and he has been very advantageous.

I have gained enormously from his care, and counselling skills, relaxation techniques and lessons on guided meditation. He is a remarkable person, sensible and compassionate. His capability to relate to problems and to challenge his patients or clients to seek renewal has been uplifting for me. In specific, I have been impressed by his integrity and single mindedness.I value his skills highly. I regard him as a most sympathetic and spiritual one that's likely to enrich the lives of all who come into contact with him.Neil from Sussex.

"Knowledgable, patient, deeply caring. My awesome recovery is due to your commitment" John, Hampshire.

" You are a blessing to me, you instilled in me the belief and faith and the power to recognition on results and not on warning signs, has helped me recuperate" Helen, Dulwich.

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