Soccer Fans, Football Fans – We’re All The Same

Soccer Fans, Football Fans - We're All The SameSoccer Fans, Football Fans – We're All The Same

I'm English so football means something quite special to me. Of course what I suppose of as football is sincerely soccer. However, having read many of the articles in this section, and watched a fair few games of American Football on television, I get the feeling that the tour for a Brit of going to soccer matches is very much the same as for an American going to football matches.

I'll explain the similarities between the 2:

Being a part of a family

If you support a team, you feel like a part of 1 massive family. In this progressively more insular international, it truly is one of the few places you may be a whole lot of other folks who are all on your side and want the same thing. It is a comforting feeling.

Loving your team

You can't change your team. They are with you for life. Whatever they do and whatever happens to them, they will always be yours. Someone once acknowledged that the team you support is the only thing in your life you can't change. You can change your partner, your job, your appearance, even your name, but you can never change your team.

Cheering the first rate guys

These guys are our heroes. We don't know them, and they will likely be the most awful folks in normal life, but throughout the game, they are heroes. A piece of skill will immediately excite a whole lot. They have ultimate force, and for a pair of hours each week they are our favorite folks in the international. Funny how nearly all of the first rate guys play for our team isn't it?

Booing the bad guys

We love to hate them. Most other teams have got one. The show off. The arrogant one. The one that can turn you into an insane lunatic full of hatred basically because he is playing against your team. There is never a nasty guy on our team, but most of the others have got one.

Letting your hair down

This is the one opportunity each week that most of us can behave badly, shout, cheer, boo, dance, even swear ordinarily, and it truly is perfectly suitable behavior because all folks else is doing it.

Eating and drinking

For you guys I guess it's pretzels and Nachos, for us it's Pies and chips. Then, needless to say, there's the beer. Live healthily all week, and then do your bit for increasing international obesity on event days.

Eternal gloom followed by eternal optimism

The extreme feelings that the game engenders are like no other. A defeat leaves you feeling that the international has come to an end. A poor performance and you are questioning whether you will ever go to a game again. Then, a day or so later, something happens. You start to remember the first rate bits. You remember how unlucky you were in the last game. You look forward and suppose, "A win next week and we could still make the play offs". Of course the gloom isn't very necessary, it's only a game, and the optimism is hardly ever justified.

So there you have got it. I don't suppose there's too many differences between the American football fan and the Brit soccer fan. We all love it. The reason we all love it truly is because, well, sincerely, there's nothing better in the international.

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