Scramble Your Way To A Fun Golf Time

Scramble Your Way To A Fun Golf Time

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Scramble Your Way To A Fun Golf Time

This article addresses the subject of using the golf scramble format to get more people involved in the wonderful game of golf.

Studies present that the selection of golfers has remained fairly stagnant over the last few years. No doubt the cost of golfing is a main factor.

But another factor has to be the difficulty of playing the game to a cheap level. People are embarrassed when their scores sour into the stratosphere. Some people overcome this by being a casual golfer – that is, a golfer who would not even preserve score. They just go out and hit the golf ball around the course. That way they don't have to report a high golf score.

Let me suggest a way to get low-level golfers more involved in the game of golf. Consider the scramble.

A scramble isn't a formal golf format approved by the United States Golf Association (USGA) or the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotland (R&A). It's a more informal way of playing golf much in use nowadays for more informal and relaxed golf tournaments.

The scramble format calls for every single golfer to hit the golf ball from the tee box as usual. Then a decision is made among those playing in the group as to which is the greatest shot. The best shot would be the longest or the one that has a direct shot into the green. Once the decision is made as to which is the greatest shot (or lie), every single player hits the golf ball from that spot (or roughly close to the spot).

This holds actual on every shot – from the tee box, on the fairway, in the rough, or on the green.

The best thing about a scramble format is that every single golfer would not have to worry about every single shot. If they shank a shot, hopefully someone else will get a pretty well shot where they can have an opportunity to get another well shot. In other words, every golfer in the group can contribute to the final score.

Here are two additional suggestions for using the scramble format:
1. When playing for fun, try TeeGolf moreover to using the scramble format.

TeeGolf ( is a new golf game where that you'll be able to place your golf ball on a tee anyplace on the golf course except the green. (This allows the novice golfer the opportunity to get a pretty well stroke at the golf ball.)

TeeGolf also allows you to enrich the lie of the golf ball. You can also take 3 Mulligans per round of golf.

Thus, combining the scramble format with TeeGolf makes the game of golf easier and less frustrating for the recreational golfer.

2. When playing a non-competitive round of golf with household and friends, using the scramble makes the game of golf more fun. Since you every single will be hitting the golf ball from the same locations on the golf course, there'll be more togetherness. Consequently, you will be prepared to enjoy every single others company more during the round of golf.

Playing the scramble, keeping one score (and using TeeGolf, if you wish), makes the game of golf more enjoyable for the average or less-than-average golfer because it's miles more forgiving.

Give the scramble format a try and invite your household and friends, who may be leery about playing golf, to play golf in a format that is less demanding where everybody can contribute.

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