Probabilities & Predictions

Probabilities & PredictionsProbabilities & Predictions

During meditation, Ive been given predictions of events to come by both Gaia, soul of the earth, and my own Guardian Angel, whom I named Theo. But I noticed that not only the predictions given to me, but to trance channels and psychics appeared to be hit and leave out. In my case, some events would be inside a day or two of the event. In other instances I would be way off, such as when I was told there would be a tremendous earthquake in Japan around the first of September 2010 and it did not take place till March 2011. Then there were the times I would be told an event would take place, such as massive earthquakes in California the last week of December 2010, and nothing happened.

This was very frustrating, as I like to get things right. So what was I missing? I started asking questions and continued to ask more.

Theo, please explain in detail about probabilities.

Yes, an overly deep subject that we can just touch on today. As you have seen with Gaia, there are probabilities to all events. It would seem that certain large events would have a high probability from the very beginning, but as you have seen and been told, this is not the case Tom. Your souls have many probabilities to evaluate at any time, and it all relies on many points, such as the vibrational level the population is at when the time of a definite event arrives. Perhaps the event will pass by, as you have raised your level past what would have triggered the event. Certainly that happened in the event you had the Harmonic Convergencethe point where the world would have gone on to destroy itself had you not raised your vibrational levels above and handed or sailed by it.

Its the related thing with smaller events. But there are many other points that enter into the probability equation. Are there considerable souls that need to experience an event and what objective will the event achieve for these people and how will it affect others not instantly affected? An event can affect the probabilities of literally thousands of other events in the future, and that could also be the toughest point to explain.

So as a summary for now, there are thousands of possibilities that your souls must take into account before any major event occurs, and this is weighed in maintaining with your growth on a vibrational level.

Below you can discover probabilities in action for precise events.


JAPANShortly after the first of the year an 8.0 or higher earthquake off the coast with a tsunamismaller than the one beforebut very destructive. It will cause the fault line working near Tokyo to erupt down the coast. Probability is 92%. Gaia says the souls in Japan have signed off already and there's just a small possibility of a delay, but she doesnt think so. They will have more problems with their nuclear reactors.

PUERTO RICOShortly after Japan Puerto Rico will have a tremendous earthquake although not the related strength as the one in Haiti. Probability is over eighty%.

ITALY, GREECE, TURKEYIn 2012 Mt. Vesuvius will erupt and will cause earthquakes in the three countries in the 6.0 magnitude range, even extending over to the French Riviera with small movements there. Probability is 60% as Gaia is looking ahead to the approval of the souls living there, but she says she needs to release the power that has built up there.

CALIFORNIAAs I write this in September, Gaia says the probabilities for earthquakes there right through the next six months are low20% for Southern and Central California and 30% for Northern California. But when I asked about three hundred and sixty five days the probabilities rose to forty% for Southern and Central California and 50% for Northern California. She said for me to keep checking in every few months, as these probabilities will practically certainly rise.

GREAT LAKES EMPTY INTO THE GULF OF MEXICOProbability of the New Madrid rupturing and causing the Great Lakes to empty into the Mississippi River and into the Gulf is forty% to 50% for the next year but rises to 50% to 60% in the next two to 3 years.

VIRGINIAAnother one or two quakes in this house coming soon–60% to 70% probability.

YELLOWSTONE VOLCANIC ERUPTIONThe probability of this happening is still pretty low, in maintaining with Gaia40% to 50% at the moment, but she said she anticipates this increasing in the next few weeks and months and to take a look at back with her.

ALASKALow probability of a 7.0 or higher earthquake for six months (from September) but 60% for three hundred and sixty five days with probability rising.

PACIFIC NORTHWEST50% to 60% probability of a 7.0 earthquake in the next year rising to 55% to 65% in the next two years.

NORTH AMERICA WINTERGaia says it's going to be about the related as last wintervery stormy.

RECESSIONWill continue well into 2012, but should not be as deep as the previous one.

DROUGHT IN AFRICAIt will continue for many more months as there are soul contracts at work there.

PRESIDENT ELECTPresident Obama will be reelected. Probability at the moment is 90%. Its his soul contract to be president for eight years.

DECEMBER 21, 2012Theo says this is able to be the date our souls have chosen to cross over to the 5th focal point. And there will be no one left behind. Its as though were all on a cruise ship together with people on different decks, but well all reach port at the related time.


OCEAN LEVELS RISINGThe worlds ocean levels will rise two feet (sixty one cm) in the next four to five years.

POST OFFICESWithin 25 years they will be gone. Mail will drop down to two days per week and then nothing.

PRINTED NEWSPAPERSNo printed newspapers inside the next 10 years.

PAPER CHECKSGone inside 5 to 7 years.

BOOKSTORESGone inside 10 years.

EATING RED MEATThis will be gone in 20 years, which considering weve been consuming meat for thousands of years is really quite soon.

EATING FISH AND FOWLWe will cease to eat fish and fowl some years after red meat.

AMERICAN FOOTBALLWill fade away in forty to 50 years due to families not allowing their kids to take part.

FOOD AND WATER MACHINESWe will develop these machines creating food and water for the Martian and other colonies.

EXTRA TERRESTRIAL FIRST PUBLIC CONTACTThe Pleiadians will make first public contact in Europe in 2015.

NO PARTY SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT10 to 15 years. People will be elected to serve their constituentsnot a party.

COLUMBIAIt will be one more five years before new leaders rid the country of corruption.

MEXICOIt will be 25 years before they achieve an equal original of living of their neighbors to the north.

I will be rechecking in the upcoming months to see if these probabilities augment, decrease, or stay the related. Stay tuned and have an outstanding 2012 everyone!
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