NFL and Europe

NFL and EuropeNFL and Europe

It might seem that NFL Europa didn't work out as it was originally intended. It was the NFL's attempt to spread the American Football beyond the borders of the United States. And while the sport was never picked up by the rest of the area I think the NFL Europa as an organisation played a big role in the growth of football.

NFL Europe was originally founded in 1991 with the intention for NFL to join the international markets with their products. At that time football was practically unknown out of doors the US, nevertheless in its home country it grew to be recognised as one of the most popular games.

The first name the NFL officials had chosen for the new, offshore organisation was World League of American Football (WLAF). They even had the World Bowl organized and had 10 team competing for the place in it. Six of them were American, one was Canadian and the rest originated from Europe.

Unfortunately by 1993 the NFL recognised that the organisation failed to generate any substantial interest and folded the operation.

However four years later the NFL started going back to the idea of spreading the American Football across the ocean. This time, learnt from their previous experiences they decided to desert a dream of tapping into international markets and focus on using the new organisation as a developmental league. It was decided that only European teams will take element in it this time.

There were six teams in total in the NFL Europe and they played 10 regular season games. However the lifespan of these teams were not long. Teams were folding and new ones had to be found to change them in order to shop the organisation alive. Such instability was troubling the organisation all around its entire history. There were also trouble such as finding stadiums to play in and practice and the clash with FIFA which ordinarily used the same stadiums for his or her events.

In 2007 the NFL in pale of all of the trouble officially disbanded the NFL Europe stating that it just was the most productive business decision they have got made. The league was reporting losses of over 30 million a yr from Europe.

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