How to Monetize a Sports Blog

How to Monetize a Sports Blog

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How to Monetize a Sports Blog

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So you must turn that love of baseball or football or hockey into a sports blog? And you must monetize that sports blog to break the stereotype of bloggers living in their parents basements?

Someone did a calculation of that, by the way. In case you need encouragement.

Before you jump off the deep end of how to make money on your obsessive love of the New York Jets, read this to find out how to do it the smart way.

First Steps to Monetize a Sports Blog

Step one: dont just start a sports blog.

Theres an art to writing a blog, and an art to monetizing a sports blog. Jumping in blind wont help you on the path to having your passion pay your electric bill.

Lets start from the ground up. Before you ever type one word about baseball, you need to have the right framework.

It starts off from the moment of building your website. Because if you need to outcompete the thousands of sports blogs in existence, youre going to have to play smarter.

Build Your Website

If you must build a apartment, youve were given to build the idea.

Or, in this case, register the domain identify.

Your domain identify may still handiest be related to your sport of choice dont identify your site if youre interested in football.

It may still also be something catchy easy to remember, rolls off the tongue. A reader may still be able to hear your blog identify and immediately recognize it.

You can seek a domain using Googles domain service, or go straight to the site you plan on using to host.

Add Killer Content

Step two to monetize a sports blog: write some killer content.

Lets have some real discuss about blogs. No successful sports blog ever became a successful sports blog without high quality blog posts to back it up.

So, how do you write blog posts that dont skunk up the place worse than the Detroit Lions? Or, better yet, how do you write blog posts that are actually, you know, good?

Start by checking out this list of 7 tips. You can also post related game updates, news stories, and even sports movies (with the right permissions).

As a rule of thumb, you must handiest post records that your readers would find effective. You could, for example, post records on what to do for sports injuries or link to related sites for injuries, like Axis Health.

Oh, and while youre at it? SEO. SEO like a pro.

Next Steps: Ideas to Monetize a Sports Blog

Now that youre done batting for the little leagues, lets move on to how you actually monetize a sports blog.

A lot of this comes in handy after youve taken the time and effort to build a strong community around your blog. If you provide genuinely effective and pleasing records to your readers in a readable format, theyll praise you for those efforts.

Here are four concepts to get you started.


This one handiest works to monetize a sports blog if youre also selling something.

Translation: if all youre doing is reporting the events of final nights LA Lakers game, youre going to have a lovely hard time using targeting to sell yourself.

How do you find out if targeting might neatly work for you, you ask? Simple: surprise if your visitors have a need which you could meet through a product or service you sell.

And no, a subscription to final nights sports scores when somebody could Google it for free does not count.

Affiliate Marketing

Wait, what in the identify of the Stanley Cup is affiliate marketing?

Heres how it works.

You use a product. You like a product. You become an affiliate of the venture or site that sells it, and you could have an affiliate link on your website. You get a cut of sales every time one of your visitors uses your link to buy that product.

So, youre unavoidably getting paid to recommend a product. Its a terrific way to earn recurring income without even trying.

A word of advice about affiliate marketing: no one likes spam. Dont be that person who spams their site with affiliate links. Take the time to apply products, review them and handiest become an affiliate marketer of products youre genuinely hyped about.

Sell Your Own Products

Ah, the golden rule of making a living blogging. Sell your own stuff.

Now, if youre knitting coasters with team logos on that, no ones that interested in finding a website just to buy those. Leave that to Etsy.

If you must take the time to sell your own products, make sure theyre products that are actually worth people spending what you charge. Otherwise, all youre really doing is wasting money in the production process.

And an aspect note on the production process: be sure that you could have the production system and overhead costs already ready before you dive in.

Allow Donations

Alright, this one isnt so much a reliable income source as a friendly suggestion, but its still worth keeping in your back pocket.

If youve built a strong online community of loyal, dedicated readers of your posts, many of those readers would presumably be happy to support you in return for putting out the content they love so much.

Just dont be obnoxious about asking.

Welcome to the Big Leagues

So youre ready to go significant or go home, are you? Good for you.

We can help with that.

ArticleCity covers a selection of topics to help your fledgling blog shine (and a few topics that speak to the true sports fan in all of us).

For concepts on how to write killer content, examine out the content strategy section of our blog for posts like 5 tips for interesting online content writing.

For posts that speak to the sports fan in all of us, examine out our recreation and sports posts like the advisor to the ultra-modern fantasy baseball draft.

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