Heineken Cup Rugby

Heineken Cup RugbyHeineken Cup Rugby

Sport is such a staggering thing and the handiest form of exercise one can ever hit upon. Writing about it is however a totally and utterly different exercise. By this I mean on the Internet. In my honest opinion it's about finding your target audience. So just going on a little rant here, as is my way. I might just well be totally and utterly wrong here and hope I am. However my personal experiences tell me in one more way.

So let's just start with what web site you are on and leaving search engines out for the time being, as related to your article writing. So, on the moment I'm on a Canadian related web site and even though I know Canada has a lovely rugby team, it's not a common sport there? Now if I chose ice hockey instead I'm almost assured of an target audience immediately,and I trust this gives you the gist of what I'm trying to put across? Simply, ice hockey is a very common sport there. So which one will drive the target audience to me?

The same thing applies to an American web site. They also have a lovely rugby team, but it's not baseball, American football, or basketball and I'll throw in tennis as a sop.Which brings us back to search engines et al. Surely all this is irrelevant? Or in other words, sure, other people in Canada and America and not truly going to be anticipating rugby. Yet rugby has a vast following world wide admittedly more so within the Southern hemisphere, but, don't for one moment think it is not played or not common within the Northern hemisphere. Far from it. Yet I cannot get other people to visit. Am I that hopeless? Ah, well, hope springs eternal even in my breast.

So the important beer mannequin Heineken started sponsoring club rugby here within the Northern hemisphere namely in Europe and a important move it become too. Teams from France, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland compete in what is is known as the Heineken Cup. These are of course in today's world, professional rugby players getting paid to play for the club of their preference. Lovely and entertaining stuff it is too. It's a very physical and aggressive and is normally reserved for huge powerful men. However, sometimes you get players who are not so huge they just have an athletic present and lovely to watch they are too.

So the Heineken Cup is progressing on the moment and the pool stages finish today and tomorrow and then one gets to the quarter final stages. Brought up within the Southern hemisphere the place rugby is the predominant winter sport and now living within the Northern hemisphere, I just love watching all theses games and can't look ahead to the nitty gritty of the play off's within the final stages of this important competition and watching the indomitable spirit and will of all the players.

I'll end with. To the victor the spoils.

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