FC Barcelona The Early Years

FC Barcelona The Early Years

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FC Barcelona The Early Years

21th centurys optimum a luck football club Futbol Club Barcelona became installed in 1899 by the Swiss English and Catalan pioneer Joan Gamper. Joan Gamper, or Hans Gamper as he became named when given initiate, is the founding father of a bunch of football golf formula inclusive of FC Basel, FC Zurich and FC Barcelona. From 1899 to 1922 is thought of as the initiate of Futbol Club Barcelona. It became on this length the club commenced to make its decide upon by collaborating in need tournaments inclusive of Campionat de Catalunya and Copa Del Rey. It became the Copa Macaya in 1902 that became the 1st silverware to hit the shelves of FC Barcelona.

In 1909 FC Barcelona moved to their very first stadium. With the facility of 8000 spectators it became positioned inside of the market district of Camp de l.  a. industria. FC Barcelona persevered to participate inside of the cups spherical them, and the Pyrenees Cup became at the time being sensible the premiere cup inside of the quarter of Catalonia, Basque country and Languedoc of the southern France. It became at some stage inside of the time of this length of 1910 to 1914 that the club transformed its official language from Castilian (Spanish) to Catalan and it slowly transformed into a logo of the revolt civil war that later hit Spain.

In 1922 Joan Gamper and FC Barcelona had reached over 20.000 members which helped the club inside of the investment of a sleek stadium. The new stadium became progressed and named Les Corts and deserve to hang 22.000 spectators.

While Joan Gamper became president for the club they won a bunch of trophies inclusive of;

eleven Campionat de Catalunya

6 Copa del Rey

4 Pyrenees Cups

Joan Gamper became confused to show over the club presidency after the group on the stadium made enjoyable of the countrywide anthem. This made the dictator Miguel Primo De Rivera so mad that he closed down the Barcelona stadium for 6 months. In 1926 the club became declared skilled. The first Spanish cup became won by the Catalan crew in 1928, and a pair of years after the founder and earlier owner of the club Joan Gamper committed suicide after a length of melancholy with the 2 special and economic problems.

The club won a bunch of Campionat de Catalunya titles up until the civil war in 1936. However the luck inside of the countrywide cups didn't come ahead of the civil war broke out. The golf formula administrative center became bombed in 1938 resulting in over 3000 deaths and Catalonia came less than profession. Dark occasions were forward for Catalonia where the Catalan flag became banned and the club became now not allowed to call itself Futbol Club Barcelona. It became to be a Spanish decide upon, and the Catalan flag inside of the Barcelona defend became to be purchased rid of. The club became renamed to Club de Futbol Barcelona.

In 1943 CF Barcelona faced Real Madrid inside of the semifinals of the Spanish cup Copa del Generalismo. Barcelona won the 1st wholesome 3-0 in Barcelona and became to play the 2d leg in Madrid. Francisco Francos director of state protection told the on line game enthusiasts that they were solely participating in inside of the cup as a have an effect on of the generosity of the regime. Real Madrid won eleven-1 and the politics between the areas were tight.

Barcelona cherished their first La Liga win in 1945 and in addition two extra wins in 1948 and 1949. Laszlo Kubala became signed in 1950 and his decide upon stays to be smartly identified inside of the Catalan capital. He helped hes club winning five titles in 1952 and those loyal La Liga, Copa del Generalisimo this is often now's named Copa del Rey, Copa Latina, Copa Eva Duarte and Copa Martini Rossi. Both La Liga and Copa del Generalisimo became won in 1953. In 1957 Camp Nou became progressed and financed merely by the members of the club. Throughout the 1960s Real Madrid were doing respected in the 2 La Liga and Copa Del Rey as a have an effect on of Francos dictatorship and coins to shop for on line game enthusiasts. With Francos dictatorship winding up in 1974 CF Barcelona transformed its decide upon back to FC Barcelona. In the season 1973-74 FC Barcelona purchased Johan Cruyff who won the supporters have confidence after announcing that he may per danger smartly also need joined Real Madrid, still identified he may per danger smartly also never play for a Franco supported club.

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