Everything You Need to Know About the LA Chargers Move

Everything You Need to Know About the LA Chargers MoveEverything You Need to Know About the LA Chargers Move

The Chargers have officially taken their skills to Los Angeles.

Starting next season, the Chargers will play their residence games in L.A. But what does the Chargers move mean for the team and its fans?

Heres everything you need to know about the Chargers.

1. The Chargers will play their residence games at the StubHub Center.

Football fans who acquire LA Charger tickets will initially need to go to Carson not LA to see their favorite team reside.

This year, the Chargers will call the StubHub Center residence. The stadium serves a multiple-use facility located in Carson, which is about 10 miles south of downtown L.A.

If you desire to acquire L.A. Chargers tickets for the upcoming season, you will well need to act speedy too.

The StubHub Center has a current capacity of about 27,000, making it the smallest stadium in the NFL.

2. The Chargers will keep their name intact.

Although the Chargers are bolting to the City of Angels, the team name will remain the identical.

Believe it or not, the Chargers move is truly a return residence for the team.

In 1960, the Chargers started out as an American Football League (AFL) team in Los Angeles. They moved to San Diego twelve months later and became an NFL franchise when the AFL and NFL merged in 1970.

The Chargers are a proud and triumphant NFL franchise. Since the Chargers inception, the team has won an AFL championship and 10 AFC West titles and made a Super Bowl appearance.

Thanks to the move, football fans can acquire tickets and watch the Chargers compete to deliver a Super Bowl title to Los Angeles.

three. The L.A. Chargers have a new logo.

What would a move to L.A. be with out a Hollywood-inspired entrance? After the Chargers announced their move best month, the team also unveiled a new logo to usher in a new era in a new urban.

Even though the Chargers logo is exchanging, the teams commitment to excellence remains the identical.

Today, football fans can embrace the Chargers spirit. If you acquire tickets, youll be able to get an up-close look at the Chargers reside and in-person in the near future.

4. San Diego football fans have mixed feelings about the LA Chargers.

LA is adding an NFL team, yet San Diego is losing one.

To date, San Diego football fans have displayed a combo of sadness and anger about the Chargers move to L.A., and perhaps rightfully so.

Many Chargers fans showed up exterior of San Diegos Qualcomm Stadium, the one-time residence of the Chargers, to throw away Chargers jerseys and attire after the team announced its L.A. move.

Its ordinary to understand why San Diego football fans may well feel disappointed and frustrated by the Chargers move to L.A. But it really is necessary to aim to watch the big picture.

The Chargers have relocated, and the team is not going to make its way back to San Diego. And for San Diego football fans who want to see the Chargers reside, there are still various prospects to buy tickets before the 2017 NFL season gets underway.

5. San Diego missed out an opportunity to keep the Chargers.

In January 2016, the NFL gave the Chargers the alternative to move to L.A. if a new stadium deal wouldn't be reached with the town of San Diego. Chargers owner Dean Spanos best month exercised this alternative, which put in place the teams move.

But give Spanos credit for making an attempt to keep the Chargers in San Diego.

USA Today reported Spanos had worked with San Diego officers for 15 years in the hopes of getting a new stadium built in San Diego, yet his efforts ultimately failed.

6. L.A. football fans are enthusiastic about the potential for an all-L.A. Super Bowl.

Remember the days when there were no NFL teams in LA, i.e. two years ago? Well, now there are two NFL teams in the town the Rams and Chargers.

The best time that L.A. had two NFL franchises was 1994 when the Raiders and Rams controlled the town.

Going forward, many football fans in the vicinity will pledge their allegiance to both the Rams or Chargers, making football rivalries relevant once again.

The Rams and Chargers compete in the NFC and AFC, respectively, which means they'll only face off against every other in the consistent season every 4 years. However, they would share a new, state-of-the-art stadium in L.A. down the line.

Plus, the potential for an all-L.A. Super Bowl looms significant, in definite if the Rams and Chargers make improvements faster rather than later.

7. The Chargers will continue to operate in the identical fashion on the subject.

Its only been a few weeks since the conclusion of Super Bowl LI, yet the Chargers have already embarked on a move from San Diego to L.A. that will affect the franchise and its fans for years to come.

Fortunately, the move to L.A. should be the biggest and most dramatic upheaval that the Chargers face this year.

The Chargers still have quarterback Philip Rivers, defensive end Joey Bosa and other talented players on their roster.

Meanwhile, with the addition of former Buffalo Bills interim head coach Anthony Lynn as head coach, the Chargers appear to be headed in the right direction for 2017 and beyond.

Dont miss out on the games. Pick up L.A. Chargers tickets, and you can watch the team compete for a Super Bowl title.

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