American Football – Past And Present

American Football - Past And PresentAmerican Football – Past And Present

American football emerged from the European game of Rugby in 1879. Walter Camp, a player and coach of Yale University, is recognized as "The Father Of American Football" as the early rules of the game was instituted by him. However, preceding to that, the students of Princeton were already playing a game known as "Ballown". It was about fisting the ball and then using their feet to advance the ball preceding their rivals. There were no hard and fast rules that implemented and could be stated as the easiest form of football at that's early times. However, the physical element of the game was immense and often it turned violent. At Harvard too, a football-type game was being played on the primary Monday of the school year. This game was so much physical that the day it was played was often mentioned as "Bloody Monday". The year 1865 was very necessary for American Football.

The Civil War had ended and football started gaining popularity in the universities. It was during this year that some basic rules for the game were established and the game got its patent for the primary time. Thus on 6th November, 1869 the primary inter-collegiate football was played amongst Rutgers and Princeton where Rutgers won by a score of six aims to four. In 1873, the Intercollegiate Football Association was fashioned by the representatives of Columbia, Rutgers, Princeton, and Yale. Till then, the increasingly popular game was being played with many diversified rules. The arrangement brought into effect the primary set of rules of intercollegiate football which allowed fifteen gamers in every single team. However, it was Walter Camp, a coach at Yale, who began the general method of evolution from rugby like game to what we know at the moment as the American Football. The sort of gamers was reduced to eleven and the usual size of the field was set to hundred and ten yards. A little later downs were introduced and tackling lower than the belt was legalized. However, the violent physical problem that the game demanded, caused many serious injuries and deaths in the next few years. As a result, though still gaining popularity, football was banned in many schools.

In 1905, under a directive from President Theodore Roosevelt, Yale, Harvard and Princeton setup a couple of meetings amongst schools and fashioned a seven member Rules Committee which was later came to be known as National Collegiate Athletic Association, or the NCAA. American Football has now become a multi-billion dollar trade. With the advent of cable tv, the game have crossed the boundaries of America and spread its wings all over the global. Dozens of games both collegiate ad professional are aired essentially every Friday and Saturday afternoons and Sunday and Monday nights during the football season. The super Bowl, that decides the national champion, has become the most watched sporting journey of all times. Plenty of merchandise and football products have taken the markets by storm. Quite a sort of inventive products are often offered as token gifts and memorabilia. Even unfastened American Football ecards will also be found out over the net .

Some online greeting card sites like 123greetings has a complete category dedicated to the game . Thus from the humble preceding where football only meant throwing or kicking a ball preceding the rivals, American Football has emerged as a game which has influenced the culture and economy of the United States of America.

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